President greeting 

Eiji Watanabe

Director and President
Eiji Watanabe

GUARDNER Co., Ltd. has taken part as a manufacturer of dust-proof clothing in the industries of semiconductor, liquid crystal and precision equipment since it was established in 1986.

Our original items that have been developed by know-how acquired over the year under the theme of uniform cleanliness have been patronized from a great number of customers ranging from the electricity and electron industries and precision equipment industries to the food and pharmaceutical industries. We feel that our duty that we should accomplish and responsibility have risen.

We will make a suggestion that customer will be satisfied with as manufacturer of clean uniforms, for example offering operational supports for using IC tags and valid data tested by our original equipment, recycling approval system and carbon offset to protect the environment to mention of the product development and manufacturing and contribute to the society by practicing with customers,

We sincerely hope to receive continuous encouragement and supports from all of you in the future.


Eiji Watanabe, President

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