IC Tag cleaning management system outline 


The IC Tag Cleaning Management System, makes it possible to control product quality, which was previously very difficult to do, by attaching an IC tag to clean wear, hoods, shoes, etc.

It is particularly effective in controlling numbers of washings and restricting entrance to the clean room by personnel wearing clothing that has exceeded its fixed number of washings (clothing that has deteriorated from use and washings) helps to maintain a sanitary environment in the clean room.

Flow of the IC Tag System

Flow of the IC Tag System

Advantage of introducing IC tags

Optimal garment control makes it possible to maintain the cleanliness of the clean room.

Optimal garment performance management is achieved by keeping track of the number of times a garment is cleaned, making it possible to maintain clean room cleanliness.

Streamlining garment control operations.

The certainty and efficiency of operations when sending out for cleaning is dramatically improved, and time wasted in garment control is reduced.

Coordination with assessment and measurement systems

Assessment and measurement of garments is possible at each cleaning making a more detailed understanding of garment data possible.

System scalability

The usefulness of the read/write properties of IC tags is not limited to cleaning management, but can also be used to manage inventory and room entries and exits, among other internal company user operations.

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