Use agreement 

Use is faced.

The cautions on use This description is the legal contract concluded among all the users and these sites that are used in the website (it is expressed as " this site " below) of Gardner, Inc.

Those who wish use of this site need to read the following notes carefully.

It is once considered that after a use start is what was accepted.

This site aims at offer of the general information about Gardner, Inc., its associated company (it combines below and is expressed as " our company " ), those products, etc. - Copyright All the contents of this site are protected by the Copyright Act of each country.

Although it restricts to the individual use for the un-commercial purpose and download is accepted, change is added to the contents or it forbids performing further reproduction.

It forbids also about a duplicate and use with the other purpose and another means. - A trademark (service mark), trade name, etc.

About the trademark on this site, a service mark, and a trade name, the right is protected by the trademark right law of each country, and it is the purpose except specifying and displaying the product of this site, and service, and must not be used without consent by the prior document of this site.


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